What Sets Us Apart?

Series Connection With Facility

  • Most UPS systems are connected in parallel with the facility. However, the ION Energy IPS is connected in series with incoming utility power and your facility’s power distribution. The advantages of a series IPS are:
    • When incoming utility power suffers a loss, the facility will realize NO CHANGE in available power. Power loss and change-over to generator backup will only be seen by the Crossover™ IPS.
    • Phase loss/imbalance, sags, brownouts, or other issues that would cause “dirty” incoming power are all corrected. Many facilities have suffered expensive damage to process instrumentation, computer power supplies, servo systems or other sensitive equipment due to poor utility power. If this is your case, the Crossover™ IPS can be a huge money saver, both in equipment loss and production downtime.
    • Electrical safety in increased. In the event of an arc-flash event or short circuit, the system will not produce energy beyond its rated capacity. Therefore, if a dead short occurs that would otherwise cause an explosion, the Crossover™ IPS will shut down, saving both equipment and injury. Once the short circuit condition is repaired, a simple reset will have you back up and running.

Ultracapacitor-Based Energy Storage

  • System utilizes banks of ultracapacitors rather than lead-acid batteries to store energy
  • Ultracapacitors are charged within seconds/minutes, allowing for greater reliability, longer life and increased space-saving
  • System eliminates peak power demands by rapidly releasing power as needed from the ION Vault® ultra capacitors. If your utility power is charged based on peak demand, this will provide significant cost savings. If your facility experiences a sudden surge, the Ion Vault will supply the needed power from its stored energy, then re-charge the system at a controlled rate.
  • Unlike battery based systems, this release/charge of the ultracapacitors is actually good for the system and will enhance its life. Special algorithms are built into the ION Vault to allow fluctuations in the bus voltage to extend life and maintain the required time needed for utility/generator fail-over.

Ideal for Mission-Critical Applications

Mission critical applications requiring absolute ongoing power – ensuring the client experiences no down time for businesses including but not limited to:

  • Data Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Diagnostic Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Large School Districts
  • Energy Utilities Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies